Shipping and Charges


  • We deliver products up to a weight of 30 kg within Austria and to all EU-countries.
    Shipping is executed by the österreichischen Post AG.

    Tariff (Euro net plus 20% VAT):

    up to 2 kg6,--16,--
    up to 4 kg7,--17,--
    up to 10 kg10,--21,--
    up to 20 kg15,--31,--
    up to 30kg17,--41,--
  • We deliver products with more than 30 kg per unit within Austria and to the bordering neighbour countries. 
    Tariff (Euro net plus 20% VAT):
    Costs for shiopping amount to 5 % of the product price. 
  • Orders with a total weight over 30 kg, but consisting of serveral products under 30 kg per unit, will be delivered as partial shipment. 
  • Usually we delivery the products from stock, otherwise within 14 days. 


We offer the following methodes of payment: 

  • Payment in advance via bank transfer
  • Cash payment - for collection only
  • Paypal
  • Delivery on invoice - for regular customers only

First delivery will only take payment in advance. Prior to delivery on invoice we reserve the right to a positive creditrating.  

* plus shipping